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Hi, I'm Kurt "KD"!
Are you interested to create your best life by balancing all the various aspects that today's world throws at us? Or are you interested to learn how to be in your optimal status of well-being and happiness? You've come to the right place. Follow me, and I'll share experiences about how you can.

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The Feature

Top 10 Things I Learned Road Tripping Across the Northern Part of the USA

By Kurt Davis | June 2, 2019 | 1 Comment

When it came time for me to make my move to San Francisco in the summer of 2018, my friend Clarence and I decided to make a road trip of it from Nashville. Seeing as it was the middle of summer and to avoid the heat, we decided to take the northern route, traveling through […]

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Ultimate Well-Being Tips


Discovering the Multi-Pronged Wellness Approach of the Iceman

By Kurt Davis | June 2, 2019

Key takeaways from my Iceman retreat: Intermittent fasting helps with mental clarity, fat burning, and hormonal health. Deep breathing can help to oxygenate your body and warm it up, enhancing your performance while running, doing push-ups (while holding your breath on either the exhale or inhale), as well as withstanding cold temperatures. Cold exposure shocks […]

10 Things I Learned from the WimHoff Method

By Kurt Davis | June 2, 2019

Know as the “Iceman”, Wim Hoff is spreading his methodology of breathing, cold, and focus around the world. Here are 10 things I learned from a weekend retreat. 1. Meditation can be achieved through deep breathing, which aggressively teaches one to control the mind and push out unnecessary thoughts. Deep breathing also helps to oxygenate […]

10 things I Learned at the Science of Happiness Retreat

By Kurt Davis | May 7, 2019

Going forward, I’ll be writing more about Well-Being and the intersection of well-being and travel. At the start of May, I spent a long weekend at Multiversity 1440 the Science of Happiness gathering, which was being held in partnership with 1440 Multiversity at UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. They have a beautiful college campus […]

Transformative Travel & Experiences

The Emerging Startup Scene in the “Lone Star State”

By Kurt Davis | June 20, 2019

When I signed up for a startup bus tour of three Texan cities, I did so primarily to gain an insight into the culture and geography of Texas, as well as its innovation scene. What I didn’t expect was the excitement, determination and cowboy-like commitment of all those involved and just how uplifting it was. […]

Trekking to Everest Base Camp Day 5 – Descent

By Kurt Davis | June 14, 2019

Day 5: Tengboche to Dingboche That night it dropped to around -15 degrees C and I had my sleeping bag zipped over my face, with only my mouth exposed to breathe. I felt chilled throughout the night and blamed it on the ice bucket, which had dropped my body temperature. I decided to take it […]

Commerce and Cricket in Dhaka,Bangladesh

By Kurt Davis | June 2, 2019

Most meaningful experiences: – Celebrating the Day of Language – Experiencing the Muslim prayer time as a calming and meditative action throughout the day – Discovering Bangladesh’s religious tolerance Top tips: – Discover the reality of life for factory workers in Old Dhaka –  Coincide your visit with the Day of Language to learn about […]

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